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Company Structure?>

Company Structure

The Company, whose registered office is at Nineteen Twenty Three, Valletta Road, Marsa MRS 3000. Malta, is a public limited company...

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Corporate Governance?>

Corporate Governance

The company is governed by the Chairman, Managing Director and 4 Non-Executive Directors...

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Financial Statements?>

Financial Statements

All our interim and end of year financial statements are listed here, and are available for download in pdf format.

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Borrowing from the Financial Markets?>

Borrowing from the Financial Markets

All Premier Capital's current borrowings from the financial market are listed here.

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Company Notifications & Publications?>

Company Notifications & Publications

Available for download are all notifications and publications issued by Premier Capital p.l.c in pdf format.

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Investor Help Line?>

Investor Help Line

Need our contact details? Just head to the Investors help line for all neccessary information.

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Bond Issue?>

Bond Issue

A Premier Capital p.l.c €65million bond issue is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. For more information, refer to the Prospectus.

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